Executive Board

KCEA President

Greg Ardoin

I am the newly elected President for KCEA. I currently work as a Teacher- Math Specialist in the Alternative Education Program. I served as Vice President 3 years and Treasurer for KCEA for 6 years. I also serve as a CTA State Council Representative.

Cotati Thomas- Crompton KCEA Secretary

My name is Cotati Thomas-Crompton. I work at Fairgrounds Child Development Center with Superintendent of Schools. I have 20 years of experience with teaching young children. I am a preschool teacher for the half day program and educate a total of 48 preschool children daily. I am new to the KCEA team and am looking forward to serving. I am seeking the office of secretary for KCEA.

Tracy Sneed

KCEA Treasurer

Recently elected as Treasurer and has been working for KCSOS Alternative Education for 3 years with 10+ years in education. I enjoy working with teachers and students to increase understanding of technology usage within the educational setting.

Yolanda Baxter-Cole KCEA Minority Member at Large

Recently elected as Minority at Large, formerly EMEID participant and Site Rep. KCSOS Alt Ed Independent Studies teacher for 28+ years. Enjoys community service, world travel, sporting events, reading and photography in my spare time

Miriam Matos-Brown

KCEA Past-President

President for KCEA. Currently, I am a preschool teacher at the Richardson Center for KCSOS with the Autism program. I have been active in KCEA since 2012. I was a Site Representative then Vice President. I have participated on the Negotiations and Bargaining Teams. I have created the Community Outreach Team for KCEA.